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This kit contains 1/2 oz tins of the

◇ Muscle & Joint Pain Salve, (often used for sore and achey bodies)

◇ Anti-Itch Balm (Used for any and all things Itchy. Mosquito bites, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, ect)

◇ Bee-All Balm, (Our be all heal all universal balm. Its natures neosporin. Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial, anti inflammatory, deeply hydrating, soothing and beyond)

◇ Cracked Skin Balm, ( Used for extremely dry skin, Gardeners hands, psoriasis, eczema, chapped skin to the point of cracking and bleeding. Puts deep healing moisture back into our skin with healthy fats and healing herbs!)

◇ Leelanau Lip Balm (Healing and moisturizing)

◇ 1/2 oz bottle of Lemon Balm Tincture, (Used for uplifting low moods, calming upset stomach or indigestion, Amazing Anti-Viral, lowering fevers and much more)

◇ Crystalized Ginger Chew Candies (nibble on these when Car or sea sickness strike, Anti-Inflammatory, sooths upset stomachs)

◇ Latex Free Bandaids!

…All wrapped in a handy little “Great Lakes Apothecary” Zipper pouch for easy travel and organization!
Moms if your looking for a summer time first aid kit, this is it!


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